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If your business or organisation has a sizable collection of records archived on microfiche, then you may already understand their limitations. Widely used in the period before desktop computing became popular, these physical media formats were the go-to choice for storing multiple pages in miniaturised-form. Architectural offices, developers, hospitals, accountancy firms and other businesses that generated numerous paper records were heavy users of microfiche. 

In our modern digital times, there are far better alternatives for organisations that need to maintain extensive records. In fact doing so can potentially save your business significant costs, improving your profitability along with your productivity. Instead of undertaking what can potentially be an onerous and time-consuming project in-house, here are a few reasons why you should engage a microfiche scanning service like Scan2Archive for the project.

1. Leave it to the Pros

Your important archives deserve to be treated with their long-term preservation in mind. Microfiche scanning services offered by proven and trusted providers Scan2Archive will ensure that the personnel scanning your files are trained in the proper handling of your archives. Your microfiche will be carefully prepared prior to scanning and will then be returned securely to their respective cases. 

2. Ensure Your Security 

Scan2Archive takes the security and confidentiality of your archives seriously. Apart from signing legally binding confidentiality agreements, all Scan2Archive personnel receive specific training regarding the handling and processing of sensitive and confidential materials. As an additional security control, all employees working on restricted projects complete a criminal records check. 

3. Access to Specialised Equipment

Working with a microfiche scanning service provider like Scan2Archive instead of performing the conversion in-house gives you access to the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment.  Scan2Archive’s microfiche scanning service utilises dedicated high-resolution microfilm scanning equipment to convert your physical records into digital files. With the FlexScan professional system, Scan2Archive leverages superior camera technology to produce uniform output at incredible speeds and precision. 


There’s no better time than now to convert your microfiche archives to digital format. Partner with Scan2Archive’s team of experts today. Scan2Archive’s 35-years of industry experience offers you in-house microfiche scanning services backed by AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accreditation.


Scan2Archive is an approved vendor for NSW Government Procurement ICT Services SCN0020 Category G20 — Digitisation and is a signatory to Queensland GITC5 for Government purchasing. Get in touch with us so we can help you modernise your business and bring your microfiche archives into the digital age.