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Architects: Do large format plans take up too much of your valuable office space?

Even with the widespread modern use of computer-aided design in architecture, the large-format architectural plan is still a necessity. What’s more, complex projects can result in hundreds of pages of technical and architectural drawings. These large-format plans take up space, and the need to store and retain these records for future reference can quickly overwhelm your organisation’s capacity to store them.

Scan2Archive can help you tackle this problem by taking care of scanning and digitising your archive of large-format plans. Scan2Archive offers an end-to-end document scanning process including optical character recognition (OCR), metadata extraction and file naming to suit your business needs. You’ll have the option of storing your digital files either on-site, off-site, or in the cloud, eliminating the need for massive flat-file cabinets. You won’t even need to leave your office as Scan2Archive can pack up the files at your location and transport them to our facility. Our professional scanning process allows you to access documents even while we are processing them, as we offer a complimentary Scan-on-Demand two-hour scanning service providing a scanned copy of any document you may need urgently. Once the project is complete, we will provide the scanned files following your naming convention on USB media. We will also take care of securely destroying the hard copies once you give permission. The confidentiality and security of your client’s plans will be guaranteed at all times.

Digitising your large-format plans can also make your office more efficient. Digital files are easier to file and retrieve, saving time for your staff. Instead of searching for the files in storage, they can focus on more important priorities. These files are also easier to back up, protecting your company against unforeseen events such as a fire, flood, theft or even simple employee error. Contact Scan2Archive if you want to harness the benefits of scanning your large-format files. We can discuss your digital filing strategy and help you choose which options can save your organisation time and money.