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The best way to scan fragile plans using a large format plan scanning service

Large format plans are a challenge to store safely. If your business doesn’t have the appropriate shelving or secure cabinets, then you may end up with plans that are rolled up and stored on shelving that’s inappropriate. These plans may also end up being folded into squares or placed into archive boxes. Improper storage of large format plans leads to their degradation. Over time, the plans exposed to light will become brittle, or become damaged due to constant handling. Even the act of retrieving the plans and unfolding or unrolling them for use will eventually wear them out. Important information such as plan title, plan numbers, revision information, scale, and other details may be lost if the sections they’re printed on get damaged or torn.

The good news is that Scan2Archive have the latest large format plan scanning technology and the most experienced staff to manage any complex project. Our large format plan scanners allow scanning of plans as wide as 1.2 metres and up to 2mm thick. This state-of- the-art equipment can output high resolution (1200 dpi optical in 48bit colour) files in TIF, JPG, JPEG2000, PDF/A.

Scan2Archive’s staff are experts in the handling and preparation of historical and fragile plans. The plans are carefully unfolded and carefully flattened before scanning. Any binding, staples, and paper clips are removed to facilitate the scanning process. Any minor damage or tears are repaired using archival tape, and the plans are thoroughly cleaned of any dirt and dust particles. If the plans are especially fragile, they are placed into protective mylar sleeves so that they won’t get damaged during the scanning process.

If your business has large format plans that you want to preserve from further degradation, then contact Scan2Archive. Our experienced staff can answer your questions about our equipment, our processes and our capabilities in handling fragile large format plans.