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The need for efficient records management is a reality in today’s modern enterprise. Regardless if the records relate to everyday transactions, detailed plans, documentation for decisions, project-related records, all of these documents contain information that may be vital to your business. Of course, generating all these records means that you may end up with mountains of paper and getting these encoded to your systems may become a challenge. This is where advanced scanning services can play an important role in ensuring that your business document management system remains efficient.



Digital scanning services such as Scan2Archive that offer bulk scanning can assist your business stay on top of all the information it creates in physical format. Digital scanning can then unlock a number of benefits that can help you keep your records management system up to date. Here are a few of the benefits that scanning your documents can do for your business.

1. Reduce or eliminate data loss

Converting paper records to digital can help reduce the chance that they may get accidentally damaged, destroyed or lost. Losing records can cause major issues for businesses’ that need to comply with regulatory record retention requirements and of course digitised records are easier to archive and back up.

2. Speed up record retrieval

Digitised records can help speed up your business workflows and processes. Reducing the time it takes to find important records can then help your business increase response times when assisting customers. What’s more, freeing up your team to do more productive work will also save your business time and money.

3. Reclaim office space

We can’t escape the fact that physical records require physical space, aside from regular organisation and filing. Physical records also need controlled storage techniques (e.g. temperature and humidity control) in order to prevent degradation. These costs can add unnecessary expenses that can be avoided by going digital. Also, prime floor space can be regained once those filing cabinets are not needed.

4. Easier security and backup

As recently stated digital records are easier to archive and backup. Your document management system can be configured to allow access to only those team members with the appropriate permissions, along with multiple backup options to choose from. Backup options can include copies of your databases stored on-site, off-site or even in the cloud. Having a good mix will ensure that your business will never lose information in case of disaster.

If you want to learn more about how Scan2Archive can assist your business and ensure an easier way to maintain your business’s document management system, then contact us today. Our 35 years of digitisation and scanning experience, backed by our AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certification.  Our professional team is here to help you and your business maximise the efficiency of your records management system.