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Now that you have decided to go paperless and modernise your document archives by working with a document scanning service provider near you, you may have some questions on the process. Here are just a few components Scan2Archive will undertake to ensure your document scanning project is seamless.

1. Keep your files organised

Your document scanning company will take great care of your documents throughout the entire scanning process. This includes taking note of the order your files were when they arrived in the storage boxes. Keeping your files organised will ensure that no files will be misplaced or lost during the conversion process.


As part of the quality control steps, Scan2Archive will also audit the contents of the box against the box list you may have provided. Returning them to their original boxes will also keep them safe during transportation back to your office location.

2. Prepare your documents for scanning

In preparation for bulk scanning, your document scanning service will take the following steps. The removal of documents from any plastic sleeve, clip, rings plus removing any staples or fasteners from any documents. 

All folded corners or pages will be carefully unfolded, plus any tears or rips in the documents will be carefully repaired so that the documents will pass through the scanning machines with ease. 

3. Scan your documents with care

Scan2Archive hand-feeds each page through the scanner to reduce mis-feeds and double feeds. The resulting scanned images are then viewed on calibrated hi-res monitors. In case stringent quality control standards are not met, then the documents will be re-scanned.


The scanned images are then straightened, rotated, cropped, colour-corrected (if needed) and any blank pages removed. Sample files of the scanned documents will be forwarded to you for approval before proceeding with the complete batch scans.

4. Index and name your files to your requirements

Even before starting your project, Scan2Archive will meet with you and your team to determine the best index specification that will assist your business to later retrieve your documents.


The methodology can range from simple filenames to having several index fields for the importation of the scanned documents into a database. The index files can be provided as Comma-separated Values, excel spreadsheets or XML files.


If your organisation is ready to go paperless, then contact Scan2Archive. We will meet with you and discuss your digital filing strategy so we can implement the best solution to achieve your project needs. Scan2Archive offers document scanning services for organisations based Australia-wide.


Our team of experts has more than 35 years of experience in providing secure and accurate document scanning and storage services for organisations who wish to unlock the benefits of going paperless.