ISO and Government Approved Digitisation Specialists



Pricing is based on the number of boxes to be digitised. The “per box” fixed price is multiplied by the number of boxes to give the total project price.

Pricing is quoted at the time of order through the Scan2Archive app.

The interface is easy to follow and it only takes a few steps to place your order. We have written a step-by-step guide for trouble free packing and ordering. Please follow the link below for this guide: Click here

Scan2Archive provide a secure collection service using our freight forwarding partner. You will be asked to confirm the number of Standard Archive Boxes when placing your order in Seido. Shortly after, shipping labels will be emailed to you.

Ensure you have attached one shipping label to each box. Our freight forwarder will collect the boxes within 24 hours.


Scan2Archive will take care of the file preparation. Our team will remove staples, clips, plastic sleeves etc…and ensure the paper has the correct orientation for scanning.

We will reposition “Post-it” and other notes to blank spaces on pages if they a blocking text.

Corners will be unfolded and tears repaired if needed.


Your files need to be packed into Standard Archive Boxes. They can be purchased from office supplies stores (Officeworks, Office Max, Office Choice etc…).

As a guide, a typical 4 drawer filing cabinet is the equivalent of 6 - 8 Standard Archive boxes.


Scan2Archive will store your files securely for 4-6 weeks after digitisation. This will give you time to review the project and make sure you are happy with digitised files.

Our Operations team will contact you for permission to destroy the paper records. Materials are cross shredded, pulped and recycled and a certificate of destruction is provided to you.

From the time we collect your paper files to the return of digital files:

  • 1 week for up to 10 boxes
  • 2 weeks for 11 - 25 boxes
  • 4 weeks for 26 - 60 boxes

The status of your project will change from “Processing” to “Completed” in the Order History screen

Once the status of your project changes to “Complete”, you can download your digital files by selecting “View” in the Report column shown below.

Digital file sizes will vary depending on the number of pages per client file and how much colour there is on the pages. As a guide, typical file sizes are 15 megabytes for a 200 page client file.

Scan2Archive use the latest file compression software and 35 years of digitisation experience to provide the most superior quality image files while being mindful disk space limitations.

Files are scanned in 300dpi colour and provided in PDF format. You will receive one PDF file per client file. Optical Search Recognition (OCR) software will be applied to each file. This will allow you to search for words, numbers and headings etc within the file.

Scan2Archive regularly digitise sensitive materials for Government departments and private enterprise that require a high level of confidentiality and signing of non-disclosure agreements.

Independently certified under ISO 9001:2015 quality framework, Scan2Archive follow strict quality control guidelines to ensure customer materials are handled with care and in confidence at all times.

We take the security and confidentiality of our clients materials seriously and have implemented a core framework to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Data Storage and Encryption

Digital files are stored in a closed network on encrypted NAS drives. PCs are password protected and monitored with anti-virus and anti-malware software. Any computers connected to scanning equipment will store temporary files in an encrypted folder on the local drive until transferred to the NAS drives.

Security of Scanning Facility

The following security measures are in place at our premises:

  • Scanning facility is closed to the public
  • The premises are of full brick construction, with metal roof
  • The building has no signage indicating the business nature
  • The building has a double perimeter security fence
  • Motion activated alarm sensors are placed throughout the building
  • Back-to-base security monitoring system
  • Real-time internal and external video surveillance
  • The building is monitored by security patrols after hours

Confidentiality Agreement

All Scan2Archive employees sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement and receive specific training regarding the handling and processing of sensitive and confidential materials.

Our team is available to assist you. Please contact us if you have any further questions.


P. 1300 789 684

Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm