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Is Your Business Moving Locations?

Relocating offices doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking, especially if your current space contains decades’ worth of records and files. Scan2Archive offers office relocation services in major cities such as Sydney and Brisbane that will help you minimise the disruption that relocating offices might bring to your business. Whether you have employee or medical records, microfilm, books, plans, building application files, large format plans, or files in lever arch folders, Scan2Archive can scan them all.

An office relocation is also a good opportunity to rethink your document storage strategy and implement a modernisation initiative to digitise archives instead of physically storing them. Decades worth of files can be scanned and returned on a single USB drive instead of needing to allocate precious office space for storage. The digitisation process can help re-unite misplaced files as paper records may be filed incorrectly, out of position, or accidentally added to another file. The scanned files can then be arranged in a digital archive system or database to help you better harness the data they contain. Better yet, you can choose to store the files securely at on-site storage and in the cloud. You can then control who in your organisation has access to the files by granting login-based permissions. We will even take of your physical documents as part of Scan2Archive’s service, we will pack, remove your files, scan, and then either return or securely dispose of them.

Digitising files can save your organisation time and money you would otherwise spend moving and storing them. Efficiency can also be increased by eliminating the effort your employees exert by having to find physical files. Additionally, your scanned files can be accessed from any location, whether on-site or via the cloud. This also makes it easier to have a redundant backup of the files to ensure business continuity. Whether your office is based in Sydney, Brisbane or any location Australia wide, contact Scan2Archive today to learn more about our document scanning and office relocation services.