ISO and Government Approved Digitisation Specialists


Due to the rise of the internet and the increasingly data-driven world we now live in, there’s a huge amount of attention given to individuals’ right to data privacy and confidentiality.  In Australia, Commonwealth and State legislations regulate the protection of confidential information. This is especially true in the case of your patients’ medical records. 

With over 35 years of scanning and digitisation experience, Scan2Archive understands the unique compliance requirements of doctors when it comes to medical records scanning. Audited and accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 standards, our medical document scanning process guarantees the privacy and security of your patients’ information.

An iPad that has medical records scanning features built in


Scan2Archive’s workflow starts by meeting with you and understanding your practice’s unique needs and expectations. This will allow us to recommend the most efficient way to transform your paper records into functional digital files.

After the initial consultation, we provide a secure document collection service to transport your documents to our facility. In case it’s required, we also can provide on-site medical record scanning services.

The first step of the actual scanning process is to prepare your documents for scanning. Batch header sheets are created for each box to track every page and file. Paper clips, staples are removed and any tears are repaired. Document scanning is performed by hand to reduce the chance of mis-feeds. We choose to hand feed each page to ensure that your records are handled with the maximum care to produce quality output. 

The scanned images are viewed on calibrated hi-res monitors and re-scanned if quality control standards are not met. Images are straightened, rotated, cropped, color corrected (if needed) and blank pages removed. We then send you samples of the scans for your approval before we continue with the complete batch scans.

Doctor using medical records scanning equipment


Once completed, we can place the scanned records back in their original order and boxes they were received in. The resulting digitised files are then placed on USB Media. We then store your hard copies for 6 weeks once your project is complete and can either securely return your files or securely destroy your files.  If you choose to securely destroy your files we contact you for permission prior to destruction.  Materials are then industrially shredded and pulped to NSW Government standards and a certificate of destruction is provided.

To learn more about Scan2Archive’s compliance practices and how we can help your practice,  contact one of our experts today!