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In today’s uncertain times, it is essential to ensure your practice is both nimble and resilient. Easy access to your patients’ medical records is always necessary but can be complicated by restrictions on movement and health and safety considerations. Taking advantage of medical record scanning services can help ensure your practice always has access to your patients’ data. 

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If you haven’t considered digitising your patient files, here are the best reasons why you should try a professional medical record scanning service like Scan2Archive.

1. Improved Accessibility

Digitised files and documents are easier to access compared to paper-based records. Whether working from home or the office, your patients’ records can be made easier to access and review.

2. Improved Resiliency

Storing paper files takes up valuable physical office space and exposes you to the risk of data loss. Digitised files can be backed up in various locations, both on-site or off-site or even in the cloud. Medical document scanning can keep your patients’ records safe and secure.

3. Faster Searchability

Hardcopy documents are in many cases, a challenge to sort and manage. Searching for important information on your patient’s medical history through paper stored in filing cabinets, can more often than not be frustrating and time-consuming. Digitised medical records can be searched in a matter of seconds, especially when your digital files are properly organised and managed.

4. Improved Regulatory Compliance 

Medical document scanning can help you comply with modern medical record retention standards and data privacy regulations. Instead of relying on a paper-based system, your practice can adopt a more efficient data management process using digitised files. 


Scan2Archive’s medical records scanning process is designed to keep you and your staff safe. We’ve stayed true to our customary high standards and timeliness by strictly observing COVID-19 health precautions at our facilities. To put your mind at ease, our staff will only come into contact with your materials and not you or your staff. Our guaranteed contactless collection and delivery and medical records scanning process prioritise the safety and well-being of you and your staff.

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Scan2Archive’s end-to-end medical document scanning process makes it simple and easy for you. We will collect your files and securely transport them to our facility. Our scanning process is fast, and if you urgently need a patient record while we are processing them, we offer a complimentary Scan-on-Demand one-hour scanning service providing a scanned copy on request. Once your project is complete, we will provide the scanned files following your naming convention on USB media. You can either choose to have your patient files securely returned or securely destroyed. Our confidentiality policies and procedures guarantee privacy and security for your patients.


If you think your practice can take advantage of these benefits, then contact Scan2Archive. We can discuss your digital filing strategy and help you choose the options that can save your practice time and money.