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Climate change is on the forefront of many business owners’ minds, especially in light of recent events not just here but around the world. The push for a sustainable future has never been so important as businesses realise that they can contribute by reducing their carbon footprint.


Reducing or eliminating your company’s paper consumption is one simple step that you can take. In Australia alone, it’s estimated that businesses use up to 10,000 sheets of A4-sized paper per year. Sadly, 50% of that paper will end up in the bin and in landfill. Here are a few pointers on how you can transform your business to achieve sustainable operations.


Taking the time to review your business processes will help you identify which areas you can reduce or eliminate any dependency on paper. Utilising electronic forms instead of physical media, or scanning books to PDF can all reduce the need for actual paper. Processes that require multiple copies can then be streamlined to use electronic files, preserving your resources and eliminating a source of waste at the same time. In case your team lacks the expertise on how to scan a book into PDF, then consider contacting a professional scanning service to complete your project needs.


Simply following the lifecycle of an average sheet of paper can help you decide where to start. Take the paper used for presentations at meetings, these can easily be eliminated by scanning the original and sharing these electronically. Ideally, you’d send the electronic version from the start. Book scanning services can also digitise lengthy reports into more portable and durable electronic files. This simple change can drastically reduce your office paper consumption.


Monitor your photocopier to see how often and frequently it’s used by your team. Understanding why your employees feel the need to photocopy instead of sharing electronic files can help you eliminate unnecessary use. Apart from reducing your carbon footprint by saving paper, you’ll also save in terms of reducing use of consumables and power consumption.

Concern for the environment and shifting to more sustainable operations should be a priority for the forward thinking entrepreneur. Not only will you reduce your firm’s carbon footprint, doing so can earn you more customers.



Once you’ve decided on a greener direction for your company, contact Scan2ArchiveOur 35 years of expertise can help your company plan a suitable roadmap to reducing your reliance on paper and minimising your carbon footprint.