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Book Scanning​

Scan2Archive has developed book scanning equipment and processes to allow high quality scanning of books, minutes, brochures, ledgers, programs up to A1 in size.

If you are spending valuable time constantly searching through paper records for customer or company information, Scan2Archive can save you time and physical office space by transforming your books and bound documents into multipage searchable PDF/A eBooks.

industry recognised

With in-house expertise, our equipment is calibrated for the correct exposure, sharpness and colour reproduction while maintaining industry recognised archival techniques when handling and scanning your books.


With over 35 years of experience, we have developed specialised book scanning processes. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced staff enable us to scan books to the most demanding specifications. Here are some examples of what we are able to digitise:

BOOK Scanning Services
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Personal and Professional Service

We strive to provide a first class customer experience. Along with digitisation professionals, Scan2Archive is a team of customer service professionals.

35+ Years of Experience

Scanning experience in Government, Medical, Financial, Engineering, Arts, Mining and Construction sectors. Tried and tested service offerings backer by AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accreditation.

Purely Scanning Specialists

Be the beneficiary of best practice techniques, efficient workflow and quality results. Our focus is purely on continuous improvement of scanning techniques and digitisation of paper based products.

Secure Collection Australia Wide

Secure freight network for the timely and safe collection of materials nationally. Our transport vehicles have no identifiable markings and Scan2Archive staff are experienced in the handling and transportation of sensitive archival documents.

Security and Confidentiality

We take the security and confidentiality of our clients materials seriously. All Scan2Archive employees sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement and receive specific training regarding the handling and processing of sensitive and confidential materials. Additionally, criminal record checks are completed for employees working on restricted projects.

Government Approved Supplier

Scan2Archive are an approved vendor for NSW Government Procurement ICT Services SCN0020 Category G20 — Digitisation and a signatory to Queensland GITC5 for Government purchasing.

To find out more about our book scanning service for your business, contact us today for a fast, obligation-free quote.

benefits of BOOK SCANNING

We have seen an increase in demand recently for book scanning services. Council, Government and Businesses, big and small, have all realised the need to digitise books for two main reasons:


of valuable historical information

Digitising books helps to preserve important historical information, as a risk management strategy against destruction of materials from flood, fire or other physical damage. More and more organisations are also looking for better ways to protect against the theft of valuable books, reports and information only found in paper publications.


Scanning books into digital files allows you to save time searching for information that you need to access regularly.

Examples of these materials may be:

workflow efficiency

To find out more about our book scanning service for your business, contact us today for a fast, obligation-free quote.

quality preservation

book scanning sharpness


We use high resolution digital cameras with professional optics to ensure sharp image capture. Images are captured in RAW format (24bit colour).

Colour checkers are used for accurate colour reproduction and correct white balance calibration.


Professional shadowless LED lighting (5,600K daylight, Colour Reading Index > 90) is installed and calibrated with hand held light meters for consistent lighting across the entire book.

shadowless book scanning
book scanning post editing


Post processing includes cropping, splitting, straightening and combining of pages into multi-page searchable PDF files.

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