ISO and Government Approved Digitisation Specialists

Medical Records

The digitisation of patient records may include a variety of materials and paper sizes including referrals, letters, handwritten GP notes, pathology results, ECG print outs, x-rays, carbon paper hospital admission and patient consent forms.

Scan2Archive provide scanning services for all materials and paper sizes in the process below:

  • Collection of files from filing cabinets, shelving, compactus storage and packing into archive boxes
  • Preparation of files including removal of staples, clips and repositioning of “Post-it” notes.
  • Scanning with high resolution state of the art Document Scanners.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text searching.
  • Each Medical record can be output to 1 PDF file and indexed as per the Patient name and/or ID number.
  • Records can also be split and output to individual PDF files for sections such as “Patient ID Page”, “Handwritten Notes”, “Pathology Reports”, “Correspondence” etc.
  • Data extraction of Patient Name, ID Number, DOB, Address.
  • Delivery of digital files via secure online link or encrypted USB media.
  • Secure destruction or secure return of original files.