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Office Relocation Scanning Services

When you need to arrange an office relocation, digitising your files makes more sense than moving them! Whether you have employee or medical records, microfilm, books, plans, building application files, or files in lever arch folders, we can scan them all.


At Scan2Archive, the whole scanning process has been Quality Accredited and audited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Why it makes sense to digitise your files instead of moving them:

Customer Service Excellence

Access your client files fast via a digital search to provide a better experience for your customers. With information at your fingertips, you can respond to internal and external customer enquiries instantly.

Eliminate the possibility of human error

Paper records may be filed incorrectly, out of position, accidently added to another file, misplaced or destroyed. The digitisation process will re-unite misplaced files and allow the digital information to be stored in a logical way for ease of access.

Safe and controlled storage

Digital files can be stored securely in on-site servers and off-site secure cloud storage. You can control who within your organisation can access these files.

Reduce the real cost of your employees’ time

Searching through paper records and information is time consuming. Digitisation will eliminate the need to maintain paper records and the time your employees spend finding them.

Reduce your physical space requirements

Office space isn’t cheap and every square metre counts. Clearing out and digitising paper files will allow you to reclaim valuable office space, or even downsize to reduce rental and associated costs.

Use your data

Extract important data from your paper documents to build powerful client and company databases. Instant access to critical business data will allow you to make informed business decisions without the need to increase headcount for business analytics.



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Professional Service

We strive to provide a first class customer experience. Along with digitisation professionals, Scan2archive is a team of customer service professionals.

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of Experience

Scanning experience in Government, Medical, Financial, Engineering, Arts, Mining and Construction sectors. Tried and tested service offerings backed by AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accreditation.

Purely Scanning

Be the beneficiary of best practice techniques, efficient workflow and quality results. Our focus is purely on continuous improvement of scanning techniques and digitisation of paper based records.