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Your Plans, Diagrams and Drawings are important reference documents for your business. Scan2Archive provide an experienced scanning service from initial consultation to final digital output. Our scanning equipment allows large format plans to be scanned at high resolution and fast. Our expert staff are able to repair ageing and fragile plans using archival materials and techniques.

Digitising your plan archives minimises the time spent searching for plans and maximises your office space. Instantly retrieve digital plans, drawings and diagrams from your network or portable device.

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Personal and Professional Service

We strive to provide a first class customer experience. Along with digitisation professionals, Scan2Archive is a team of customer service professionals.

35+ Years of Experience

Scanning experience in Government, Medical, Financial, Engineering, Arts, Mining and Construction sectors. Tried and tested service offerings backer by AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accreditation.

Purely Scanning Specialists

Be the beneficiary of best practice techniques, efficient workflow and quality results. Our focus is purely on continuous improvement of scanning techniques and digitisation of paper based products.

Secure Collection Australia Wide

Secure freight network for the timely and safe collection of materials nationally. Our transport vehicles have no identifiable markings and Scan2Archive staff are experienced in the handling and transportation of sensitive archival documents.

Security and Confidentiality

We take the security and confidentiality of our clients materials seriously. All Scan2Archive employees sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement and receive specific training regarding the handling and processing of sensitive and confidential materials. Additionally, criminal record checks are completed for employees working on restricted projects.

Government Approved Supplier

Scan2Archive are an approved vendor for NSW Government Procurement ICT Services SCN0020 Category G20 — Digitisation and a signatory to Queensland GITC5 for Government purchasing.


Large format plans are a challenge to store safely. If your business doesn’t have the appropriate shelving or secure cabinets, then you may end up with plans that are rolled up and stored on shelving that’s inappropriate. These plans may also end up being folded into squares or placed into archive boxes. Improper storage of large format plans leads to their degradation.

preserves important
file information

Over time, the plans exposed to light will become brittle, or become damaged due to constant handling. Even the act of retrieving the plans and unfolding or unrolling them for use will eventually wear them out. 

Important information such as plan title, plan numbers, revision information, scale, and other details may be lost if the sections they’re printed on get damaged or torn.

plan with torn edges
save time

easier file retrieval

Locating a specific plan in a roll of 50 or more can take time. Once you find the plan, it needs to be back-rolled and flattened, or held by two people to stop it from rolling up again while viewing the information on the plan.

Scanned plans can be given meaningful file names that make it easier for you to locate them in digital form. We can also extract information such as the plan number, plan title, plan type, revision number and date, and use them to create a searchable plan register or database.





Our new Contex Plan Scanning hardware features the following specifications:

context scanner
fragile plans

fragile plan handling

Scan2Archive’s staff are experts in the handling and preparation of historical and fragile plans. The plans are carefully unfolded and carefully flattened before scanning. 

Any binding, staples, and paper clips are removed to facilitate the scanning process. Any minor damage or tears are repaired using archival tape, and the plans are thoroughly cleaned of any dirt and dust particles.

If the plans are especially fragile, they are placed into protective mylar sleeves so that they won’t get damaged during the scanning process.

secure STORAGE

Our plan scanning process including optical character recognition (OCR), metadata extraction and file naming to suit your business needs. 

You’ll have the option of storing your digital files either on-site, off-site, or in the cloud, eliminating the need for massive flat-file cabinets.

cloud storage
scan on demand

scan-on-demand service

Our professional scanning process allows you to access documents even while we are processing them, as we offer a complimentary Scan-on-Demand scanning service providing a scanned copy of any document you may need urgently.

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