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Educational centres generate a large number of physical documents and records. A typical education provider would quickly outgrow the capacity of their file storage rooms without a long term and sustainable solution. Just a few years’ worth of school records, student files and employee files can potentially fill up several storage rooms with stacks of papers and similar records. 

The good news is that education providers can now utilise a document scanning service provider to help with their file storage needs. Scan2Archive’s 35+ years of experience, as well as its Quality Accredited and audited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 processes, can assist your school to digitise and organise your files. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to digitise your school’s records.


Digitised school records take up a fraction of the space that physical hard copies do. All the contents of a file storage room can easily fit on several USB thumb drives. Education providers can reclaim valuable space and repurpose them for other requirements. Proper storage of physical documents also requires costly file storage rooms that control temperature, humidity, light, and air quality. Education providers can not only reclaim the space but can also save on resources by moving to digital solutions.

Additionally, the education provider can choose how they’d like the scanned files delivered. Apart from USB or hard drive, an FTP link or even cloud storage service (e.g. Dropbox) are available choices. After the physical files are scanned, the education provider can choose to have their documents returned to them or securely destroyed. Scan2Archive utilises an industry-standard shredding and pulping process with a certificate of destruction issued as evidence.

bulk scanning a shelf of books


During the document scanning process, Scan2Archive utilises high-speed production scanners that ensure high image quality and high definition colour images. Great care is taken to ensure that your records do not get damaged during the digital scanning process. 

Scan2Archive’s digital scanning equipment utilises superior camera technology to produce uniform output at incredible speeds and precision These techniques are backed up by a specific quality check process that checks for scanning errors or issues. Every image is checked to make sure the resulting files match the education provider’s specific requirements. Scan2Archive can convert physical hard-copies to searchable multi-page Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. 

The education provider can also specify the names of the resulting files based on their own file naming format. As an added service, Scan2Archive offers data extraction as well. Using industry-standard file formats will ensure that the records remain accessible over the years. The digital files can also be stored in redundant systems. 

Education providers can choose to store their files either onsite, offsite, or cloud backup, thereby ensuring that the files will be protected in the event of being misplaced or a natural disaster. 


After scanning the files, Scan2Archive can apply the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques. OCR converts the printed information on the files into characters that can be read by computer software. This allows information to be retrieved and analysed much faster from the archives. Instead of having your staff actually go to the file storage room and physically searching through a mountain of documents, information can be found with a few keystrokes. 

an image explaining how digital scanning can help with looking for documents faster

These are just some of the benefits as to why choosing to scan your documents will assist your educational institution. Scan2Archive’s end-to-end document scanning process makes it simple and easy for you. If you so choose, Scan2Archive can collect your files and securely transport them to our facility.

Once the project is complete, we can provide the scanned files following your naming convention on the media you select. You can then choose to have your education records/files securely returned or securely destroyed. Our confidentiality policies and procedures guarantee the privacy and security of your documents.

To learn more about Scan2Archive’s document scanning and storage solutions, simply contact us. Our team of experts is ready to help determine the best solution for your educational institution.