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As we know, mailroom scanning services and processing is more than mail collection and the opening of envelopes. As scanning specialists, Scan2Archive will collect your mail, then scan and extract the data so it is easily catalogued, viewed electronically, actioned in a timely manner and delivered to the platform of your choice.



Our virtual mail house services also include and are not limited to same day banking, return to sender processing, secure delivery of digital files, secure storage and destruction of paper records.



With the changing face of business and the opportunity for more employees to work from home, a virtual mail house is a cost-effective solution. For less than $1 per item, Scan2Archive can take care of all incoming mail.


A picture explaining Scan2Archive's digital mailroom service

Companies with existing internal mail processing departments should review the costs and benefits of outsourcing. Here are only 3 areas where significant cost savings can be achieved:  






If a business is renting office space in a capital city (or surrounding suburb) for $55 per square metre per month and their mail room is using 20m2, there is a rental cost per month of $1,100, or $13,200 per year. Can this space be put to better use or perhaps the company can downsize and take advantage of the rental savings.


Monthly rental cost savings = $1,100






Mailroom staff may be employed on a salary of $50,000 p.a. and let’s say a company (dependent on size) employs 4 staff to ensure the mail is processed in a timely manner in-line with internal and external service level expectations. That’s $200,000 in staff costs that could be deployed to more productive and profitable areas of the business.



Mail rooms will generally experience high rates of turnover. In many cases, the mail room may be a career starting point for staff to work hard, get noticed and rewarded with promotions to more senior roles within the company. This presents ongoing re-employment and training requirements for HR and Operations departments as they seek new staff. 



Let’s assume a new employee requires 6 months of work and training before they are working at full capacity in their role. Before this time, they might reach 60% of full capacity (simply due to time needed to learn the new role). This equates to $10,000 in lost productivity during the 6-month period. Additional time is also required for other staff to source and train new employees. If this equated to an average of 8 hours per week over 6 months, the cost would be in excess of $7,500  


Monthly staff cost savings = $20,000+






Remove the need to purchase and maintain equipment and retrain staff when equipment is upgrade or replaced.


Mail Openers and Scanners

Specialised mail room scanning equipment can cost up to $4,000 per month to lease and maintain  


Computer Equipment

PCs and network infrastructure may add another $1,000 per month to supply and maintain.



Printer providers may charge $0.08 per colour print. If your mail room prints 1,000 colour pages per day for outgoing mail, this equates to a cost of $1,600 per month plus a monthly rental fee.  


Monthly equipment cost savings = $6,600+  


Based only on Rent, Staff and Equipment, potential monthly cost savings could be close to $10,000 as shown below:

Image explaining mailroom outsourcing fee

* Please note the abovementioned figures are estimates to demonstrate the potential cost savings. 

* It is recommended to calculate the potential savings specific to your rent, staff and equipment costs.  


At Scan2Archive, an outsourced mail house can be tailored to individual needs with proof of concept testing established in under a week and complete outsourced solutions in less than a month.

Our team of professionals and have implemented state-of-the-art technology and processes to ensure increased data accuracy for faster document retrieval.

With over 35 years’ experience we know security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance when we deal with our client’s mail and other materials. Our staff are bound by confidentiality agreements and complete national criminal records checks. This will always ensure your virtual mail room’s records and materials are in safe hands.

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