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Before desktop computing became widely accessible to most enterprises, aperture cards, microfilm and microfiche were preferred archival media. Able to store multiple pages in miniaturised-form made the media an ideal choice for architectural offices, developers, hospitals, accountancy firms and other businesses that generated numerous paper records.


If your business or organisation has a sizable collection of records archived on aperture cards, microfilm or microfiche, then you might not realise that you may be sitting on an opportunity to save your company significant costs.


Here are the top reasons why it makes good business sense to engage a microfilm scanning service to convert your aging aperture cards, microfilm and microfiche to digital.

Save on Storage space

Converting your microfilm and microfiche archives to digital files will allow your business to free up the space currently taken up by your archives. Proper long term preservation of microfilm and fiche requires expensive storage and proper handling techniques. For example, the delicate archive material requires clean, dark, climate-controlled environments, preferably between 18 and 22 degrees celsius.


Relative humidity in the storage room should also be kept between 45 and 55. Since they’re sensitive to extended exposure to light, microfilm and fiche should be returned to their storage packaging immediately after use.



Compare this to a USB thumb drive full of digitised aperture cards, microfilm and microfiche. This can easily replace entire climate controlled rooms full of filing cabinets. Aperture card, microfilm and microfiche conversion can free up the resources and make your business more efficient.

Improve employee productivity

Converting your aperture cards, microfilm and microfiche can also save your organisation time. Information stored on the older media that would’ve otherwise taken hours to retrieve can be accessed with a few keystrokes. Making the digitised documents searchable using optical character recognition (OCR) software makes this even faster.


Engaging a microfiche scanning service instead of performing the conversion in-house can also save your company costs. The savings on the specialised scanning equipment alone can be significant. Experienced and trusted services such as Scan2Archive already have equipment.


Scan2Archive, as an example, utilises the FlexScan professional system. This system possesses superior camera technology to produce uniform output at incredible speeds and precision. Additionally, their team already has the requisite training, further saving your company from the need to train your own staff to use the equipment.

If you would like to start saving significant costs by converting your aperture card, microfilm and microfiche archives to digital format, then contact Scan2Archive’s team of experts today. Scan2Archive’s 35-years of industry experience offers you in-house microfiche scanning services backed by AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accreditation. Contact us so we can help you bring your aperture card, microfilm and microfiche archives into the digital age.