ISO and Government Approved Digitisation Specialists

Financial Planners: Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we can help!

Financial planners have a responsibility to focus on and prioritise their clients’ financial well-being. Managing the sensitive and confidential financial documents entrusted to them by their clients is therefore critical to their business. Scan2Archive understands this responsibility and can help financial planners keep the trust and confidence of their clients.


Scan2Archive has over 35 years of experience in scanning documents for government, medical, arts, mining, engineering, and financial services sectors. We are backed by an AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accreditation for our tried and tested service offerings.



Scan2Archive offers an end-to-end document scanning process that will take care of the task of digitising your client files. Instead of storing aging files in massive on-site filing cabinets, you can choose to store your digital files either on-site, off-site or in the cloud. Scan2Archive makes it easy for you by taking care of the whole process. We start by packing the confidential files and transporting them to our facility. Our scanning process is fast, and if you urgently need a document while we are processing them, we offer a complimentary Scan-on-Demand one-hour scanning service providing a scanned copy on request. Once your project is complete, we will provide the scanned files following your naming convention on USB media. You can choose to have your files returned or have them securely destroyed. Your hard copies will be held in our secure storage facility for six weeks, at which time we will make contact and request permission to securely destroy them. Our confidentiality policies and procedures guarantee privacy and security for your clients.



Digitising paper files will help you secure the confidentiality of your clients’ files. Digitisation can also make it more efficient to retrieve important customer information. Making redundant copies can also mitigate the risk of data loss or human error. Contact Scan2Archive today to learn how our professional scanning services can help you keep your focus where it needs to be in the new decade: On your clients’ financial well-being.